Cooking dinner at home during the Coronavirus pandemic is a lot easier with our Dinner Menu Planning Guide for Coronavirus Quarantine (COVID-19). We’ve put together a list of easy to make, delicious, and budget-friendly protein, veggie, carb, and salad recipes to make thousands of different dinner menu combinations. No matter what you have stocked in your pantry, fridge, or freezer, you'll find recipes here that you'll love.

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Social distancing is incredibly important during this Coronavirus quarantine. One thing that we want to avoid is making unnecessary trips to the grocery store.  Rather than asking, “What do I feel like eating?” we're asking ourselves, “What do I have available to cook at home?” If you make the same dinner many times, you'll end up feeling meal boredom. We don't want that!

If you are located in an area where food delivery or pick-up is available, you still have the option of occasional variety. However, most of us are planning three meals a day every single day until we flatten the COVID-19 curve. That’s 21 meals to cook every week. It's A LOT of cooking!

To help you avoid cooking boredom and make it easier for you to create a meal with what you have on hand, we created the Coronavirus Dinner Menu Planning Guide.

Here's how the dinner menu planning guide works:

  1. Have a peek inside your fridge, freezer, and pantry to see what you have available.
  2. Pick one protein, one veggie, and one carb. We added in salad recipes as an alternative or optional side dish as well.

These recipes are easy, basic recipes that taste incredible and are budget-friendly. Not only do we need variety, but we also need the food to be delicious and filling. With all these options, you'll be able to keep yourself and your family happy and well-fed through this COVID-19 outbreak.


The Dinner Menu Planning Guide for the Coronavirus Quarantine


Choose 1 (from each category):


4 protein recipes in in our Dinner Menu Planning guide.



4 veggie recipes in our Dinner Menu Planning guide.



4 pictures of carbs in our Dinner Menu Planning guide.


Salad (Optional/Alternative)

4 salad recipes in our Dinner Menu Planning guide.

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