These gluten free chicken dinners will spice up your dinner menus. Recipe variety is the name of the game with this list. They are delicious, easy-to-make, and perfect for a healthy weeknight dinner.

Cilantro lime chicken in a cast iron skillet with a transparent circle on top of it and featuring the words The Best Healthy Gluten Free Chicken Dinners

Chicken is the best! It really is the go-to dinner ingredient and if you don't mix it up and try new things, then it can get boring pretty quickly.

That’s how the menu plan can get off track from eating healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle. When we get bored with healthy foods, our fingers tend to do the typing and the ordering of fun takeout that's not so healthy.

Thanks to the Internet, fantastic recipe developers, and cookbooks, we really don’t have that problem anymore. Well, unless it's a Netflix and Chill (in your sweats) night. Trust us when we say this: we all love chicken. There are so many amazingly delicious chicken recipes out there. We should never get bored with our gluten free chicken dinners again.

So, that brings us to this month’s roundup. We wanted to compile some of the best chicken recipes that also happen to be gluten free since our recipes tend to be gluten free already. These are healthy, gluten free chicken dinners that are the opposite of boring. There are tacos, enchiladas, pizza, soups, casseroles, chicken thighs, and so much more.

Plus, these recipes are perfect for weeknight dinners. They're easy-to-make dinners ready in under an hour unless they’re slow cooker dinners that are ready when you walk through the door in the evening (win).

While you are doing your menu planning, take a look at these delicious recipes, and try something new!

Here are The 15 Best Gluten Free Chicken Dinners:

A perfect baked chicken breast cut into slices on a plate with green beans for one of the best gluten free chicken dinners

Perfect Baked Chicken Breasts

Thai Peanut Pomegranate Chicken layered on top of white rice in a bowl for one of the best gluten free chicken dinners.

Nourishing Thai Peanut Pomegranate Chicken

A blue bowl filled with crockpot Thai chicken soup with a spoon it it on a black wooden table for one of the best gluten free chicken dinners

The Best Crock Pot Thai Chicken Soup

Honey Lemon Chicken in a black iron skillet with charred lemons nestled into the pan for one of the best gluten free chicken dinners.

Quick and Easy Honey Lemon Chicken

Five Grilled Jerk Chicken Tacos lined up on a serving board with limes, cilantro, and jalapenos nestled them for one of the best gluten free chicken dinners.

Grilled Jerk Chicken Tacos with Gold Kiwifruit Salsa + Sweet Coconut Plantains

Spicy Kung Pao Chicken is a quick and easy dinner recipe you will absolutely love. |

Spicy Kung Pao Chicken

Crockpot Thai chicken curry in a white bowl with rice and some cilantro on top.

Crock Pot Thai Chicken Curry

Cashew chicken on a plate with rice and steamed broccoli.

Cashew Chicken

Lemon chicken bites in a bowl with rice and broccoli.

Tangy Lemon Chicken

A cast iron pan with this cilantro lime chicken recipe.

Cilantro Lime Chicken

Healthy Gluten Free Chicken Dinners from our Friends:

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