This 45+ Best Cauliflower Recipes roundup is the biggest compilation of cauliflower recipes for every occasion and craving. You will want to save this list of delicious, healthy cauliflower recipes. You'll be referencing it all year long!

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Cauliflower is just about the most versatile ingredient out there. It feels like it can be almost anything. Where’s my recipe for cauliflower donuts? Or cauliflower sweet tarts? When that happens, I’ll officially be able to go sugar-free!! I kid.

However, I am always looking for more cauliflower recipes. I’ve been trying to keep most of my meals in the keto/paleo/Whole30 family lately and cauliflower helps. I made the Creamy Paleo Cauliflower Soup with Bacon last week and I am not lying when I say that it tastes like my mom’s billion calorie potato soup. Seriously, I could have at least once a week.

In my search for all things cauliflower, I did a lot of digging on Pinterest and what I realized the world needed was a roundup of the best cauliflower recipes! It’s a list of over 45 cauliflower recipes all in one place. The list includes everything cauliflower: healthy cauliflower recipes, cauliflower lunch recipes, cauliflower dinner recipes, cauliflower dips, cauliflower appetizers, cauliflower side dishes, all the recipes where cauliflower substitutes for carbs, and a few surprise recipes like cauliflower dessert!

All of the recipes are so different that you shouldn’t ever get sick of eating cauliflower!

Favorite Cauliflower Recipes

It's amazing how delicious cauliflower can be. These recipes are our absolute favorite cauliflower recipes. This list includes cauliflower soup that tastes like potato soup that's full of dairy without a drop of it, a magical cauliflower alfredo sauce, our favorite cauliflower takeout inspired recipe, and a few more must-make delicious recipes.

Appetizers, Dips + Snacks

Cauliflower is so flexible and easily can make every type of recipe a little bit healthier. These cauliflower appetizers and cauliflower dips are perfect for your holiday parties, football parties, and girl's night in. 

Meal Prep Lunch Recipes

Four meal prep containers filled with Spanish Chicken and Cauliflower Rice with olives and sliced peppers on the side.

These meal prep cauliflower recipes are perfect for lunch. You can whip these recipes up really quickly and you have healthy lunch recipes all week long. Meal prepping on Sunday has changed our lives and I'm never bored at lunchtime! These meal prep cauliflower recipes are just as healthy as they are delicious.

Side Dishes

I try to pick up a head of cauliflower whenever I'm at the store. I'm always whipping up new healthy cauliflower side dish recipes so it's good to always have one on hand. Plus, these cauliflower side dishes go with just about anything!

Cauliflower, The Power Carb Substitute

The mighty cauliflower is here to save your day as the ultimate carb substitute superhero. When you are eating low-carb recipes or anti-inflammatory recipes but still craving, these recipes are here to rescue you!

Dinner Recipes

If you didn't know this already, cauliflower is the answer to every search for a healthy recipe. These healthy cauliflower dinner recipes are so filling, delicious, and full of flavor. I love a good vegetarian cauliflower dinner any time but they are the perfect Meatless Monday dinner! 

That's Cauliflower!?

When we said cauliflower could be anything, we meant it. These recipes are so dang good, you have to ask: that's cauliflower? This mashed cauliflower will satisfy just about any mashed potato craving. And, we have cauliflower burgers, cauliflower nuggets, dairy-free cauliflower sauce, and even a cauliflower dessert recipe!

For even more cauliflower, check out our Ultimate Guide to Cauliflower Recipes … 

6 of our favorite cauliflower recipes