DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: by The Endless Meal Let's give it up for homemade Christmas presents! Are they not the best things ever, or what? Seriously, keep the big box store junk and just give me a bottle of homemade sriracha, or a bag of granola, or some flavoured sea salts, or a jar of homemade thyme and beer mustard, or, or, or ….

So far from this list we've made the sriracha, the hot buttered rum mix, the vanilla, the preserved lemons and the bacon jam (that's mine!). This year we're going to try a few others here – I can't tell you exactly which ones though or it will ruin the surprise on Christmas morning, but they will be from this list. Mom, dad, sister, brother: please read no further. 🙂

If there's a special someone on your list who loves food make them one of these foodie Christmas gifts this year. They will love you for for it!



DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: Homemade Sriracha  Homemade Sriracha by Reclaiming Provincial

This is one of the gifts my handsome man made for his family for Christmas last year. Since then we've made it twice more. This stuff is amazing.






DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: Homemade Mustard

 Homemade Thyme Beer Mustard & Honey Curry Mustard by Vegetarian Ventures

I can't decide which one I like best but, like my good friend Trevor always says, “if you can't decide, buy both.” Or in this case, make both.





DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: Homemade Nut Butters

Homemade Nut Butters by Tasty Yummies

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to make nut butters, both plain and flavoured. The ones that I want to try are Roasted Almond Butter, Spiced Maple Pecan Butter and Homemade Nutella.





DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: Hot Buttered RumHot Buttered Rum by Creative Culinary

I made this a few years ago as a stocking stuffer for my mom and sister and it was absolutely out of this world delicious. My sister asked me for the recipe this year so I'm crossing my fingers there'll be some waiting for me when I go home for the holidays.




DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: Homemade VanillaHomemade Vanilla by Tidy Mom

This is another one of the homemade Christmas gifts my handsome man for his family last year. We've still got a bottle left and it is absolutely amazing. We never did get around to straining it and it still works and tastes great.





DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: Homemade Popcorn Seasoning

Popcorn Seasoning by Savvy Eats

If you know anyone who likes their popcorn (me!) I think this would be a great gift. It's a toss up between the Smoked Curried Seasoning and the Cheesy Garlic.





DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: Habanero JellyHabanero Pepper Jelly by My Pantry Shelf via Food 52

Ever since I was a kid hot pepper jelly has been my fav. I know I know, I was a weird kid. I picked up a big bag of habaneros at the market today for $1 and lots of them are destined to this delicious future.





DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: Homemade Cultured Butters

Compound Butters by The Fromagette 

Compound butter is really just a fancy pants name for flavoured butter. There are 5 different recipes here including Orange Zest Tarragon and Dijon Butter and Caramelized Shallot and Cognac Butter.





DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: Homemade Kahlua

 Homemade Kahlua by Liv Life

I've been eyeing up this recipe for months now and I think Christmas is the perfect excuse to give it a go. It takes 2-3 weeks to infuse so if you'll be making this for Christmas you'll want to get started on it asap.




DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: Homemade Kimchi

Homemade Kimchi by Maangchi

Kimchi is either a love or hate it kinda thing. Me: I love it. In the comments on this post you'll read that kimchi reaches its prime fermentation levels after 2 weeks but can be stored in the fridge indefinitely.





DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: Homemade GranolaHomemade Granola by Trans Planted

This is on the list to make for at least a few peeps this year. I mean really, is a bowl of granola with a big scoop of thick Greek yogurt over top not one of the best things ever or what?






DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: Flavoured Salts

 Flavoured Salts by In Sock Monkey Slippers

I love using flavoured salts to finish a dish but often forget just how easy they are to make. I was given a smoked sea salt the other day by a client of mine and it was seriously such a great gift. These ones here are Red Wine, Rosemary Lemon and Sriracha Lime Sea Salts. They all sound incredible.




 DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: Preserved LemonsPreserved Lemons by The Tart Tart

Preserved lemons are one of my favourite things. I picture tying a little card around the lid with some suggestions about how to use them.





DIY Foodie Christmas Gifts :: Bacon Jam

Bacon Jam by The Endless Meal

This would make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves bacon, and since everyone loves bacon this would be perfect for everyone. It'll keep for a couple weeks in the fridge, but trust me, it won't last that long.