We've put together a list of fun things perfect for your favorite person who loves hanging out in the kitchen. Pick one of these awesome Christmas gifts for foodies, wrap it up pretty, and put a smile on their face!

Our favorite kitchen items with the words Awesome Christmas Gifts for Foodies on top of the picture.

Awesome Christmas gifts for foodies

We've put together a list of super awesome Christmas gifts for foodies that will make you look like a rockstar on Christmas morning. From must-have kitchen appliances to our favorite cookbooks and our most used kitchen accessories, these are the things we use and love.

All of these can be bought on Amazon, which means you can get all of your Christmas presents delivered to your door without having to leave your couch. And since we're all about keeping things easy right now, that is music to our ears.

On a more personal note, we've mentioned our favorite charity at the bottom of this post as an option to donate to on behalf of someone who has everything. For many years, our family would donate money to a charity we thought the person we were buying for would be interested in. Those were some of our favorite and most memorable Christmas gifts.


The one thing on everyone's wish list

An Instant Pot on our Awesome Christmas Gifts for Foodies list.

Friends don't let friends live without an Instant Pot!

Let your awesome foodie friend know this Instant Pot Lemon Chicken Soup is delicious!


For the breakfast lover

a waffle maker on our Awesome Christmas Gifts for Foodies list

Waffles for breakfast always feel special. Give your favorite foodie this waffle maker so they can make a special breakfast all the time!


For the serious foodie

a sous vide machine on our Awesome Christmas Gifts for Foodies list

If you want to rock your kitchen, this is how you do it. Once the domain of professional kitchens, this gadget lets you take total control over how you cook your food by turning any pot into a sous vide machine. This is a seriously awesome Christmas gift for foodies!


Best cookbook ever

Plenty More cookbook

Plenty More is Ottolenghi's newest cookbook and (we think) his best one yet. The photos are gorgeous and the veggie-forward recipes turn out perfect every time.


Boil water the pretty way

a green electric kettle on our Awesome Christmas Gifts for Foodies list

Boil water and look good doing it with this pretty Kitchen Aid Electric Kettle.


Our favorite salt

Maldon sea salt on our Awesome Christmas Gifts for Foodies list

A true foodie knows that you can never have too many salts. This Maldon salt is the one that we reach for the most to finish dishes or sprinkle on salad. It's wonderfully light-tasting and flaky.

Try it sprinkled on top of these chocolate chip cookies!


The reusable bags we can't live without

stasher reusable bags

We have a whole collection of these reusable Stasher bags and we use them all the time. They work great in the freezer, fridge, or pantry!

We use them to store bone broth, soups, and chilis in our freezer.


The cutest bread box around

a bread box

We've all got a bread-lover on our list, and this is just the gift for them. This cute bread box will keep their baked goods fresh and look great on their counter!

And if the foodie on your list loves to bake, this no yeast bread with herbs and cheese is delicious!


The strongest citrus juicer

a citrus squeezer

This is the best juicer ever. Seriously. It's unbelievably strong and it makes making bourbon sours dangerously easy to make.


The most inappropriately awesome cookbook around

Thug Kitchen cookbook on our Awesome Christmas Gifts for Foodies list

If you know someone who drops a few too many f-bombs, this cookbook is for them.


What every cook needs

a cast iron pan

This is the cast iron pan we reach for 98% of the time. Whatever is cooked in it gets a beautiful sear and unless you use soap to wash it, it's indestructible. We even take camping and put it over the fire.

If you know someone who doesn't have one in their kitchen, you should change that.

This honey lemon chicken is a great recipe to make their new cast iron pan!


Super cute tea cup

a modern blue tea cup

We love with these colorful teacups. They come with an infuser so you can brew loose tea right in your cup, a lid to keep your tea warm and a rubber grip around the middle to protect your fingers. 


The ultimate chef's knife

a Shun chef's knife

This 10″ Shun chef's knife is our favorite knife for chopping and mincing. Everyone who spends a reasonable amount of time in the kitchen should own one. It is basically the sharpest thing ever (watch your fingers, seriously!) It's apparently made like a samurai sword and cuts through everything like nothing.


For the coffee enthusiast on your list

Pour over coffee Bodum on our Awesome Christmas Gifts for Foodies list

Nerds (like us!) love their pour-over coffee, and the design of this Bodum is too pretty to pass up. If you need an awesome Christmas gift for a coffee-loving foodie, this coffee maker is a great idea!

You can even pass along this recipe for an almond butter latte that they can make!


Make the world a better place

Kiva gift certificate

Kiva is a non-profit organization that helps low-income entrepreneurs from all over the world gain access to microloans so that they can grow their businesses and rise out of poverty. Rather than donating your money, you loan it. You choose the person you want to loan to based on gender, country, or the type of business and once they repay the loan you can either re-loan it or withdraw the funds.

I love the idea of helping people to help themselves. Kiva has been my charity of choice for years now. If there's anyone on your list who has everything, why not give them a Kiva gift card so they can make their first loan?


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Our favorite kitchen items with the words Awesome Christmas Gifts for Foodies on top of the picture.