These are the best chili recipes around. They range from meaty sausage and steak chili to healthy vegetarian chili recipes. All are delicious!

We put peppers, beans, vegetables, chicken, and a little bit of everything else in chili. We can have it gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, or classic. Then, once we’ve decided on a recipe, we put it on our sandwiches, hot dogs, nachos, and more.

I went in search of the best chili recipes out there to spice things up in the kitchen this winter. All of these recipes look delicious and there are surely a few recipes everyone can make to end the chili rut. Whether you make these chilis exactly as the recipe is written or you add your own touch, you won’t want to miss these recipes.

There really is a chili recipe for every lifestyle, every diet, and every gathering.

Best Chili Recipes

Steak chili in a white bowl topped with corn chips, onion, and cilantro.

Steak Chili

This steak chili is the best beef chili recipe ever. That's a big statement, but it's true. It has a rich flavor and the tender chunks of slow-cooked chuck steak are dreamy. We go easy on the beans, but you can either omit them or add extra as you like. You'll want to keep this steak chili recipe in your back pocket so you can pull it out every weekend.
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Buffalo chicken chili in a bowl close up

Buffalo Chicken Chili Recipe

This Buffalo Chicken Chili is a spicy and rich white bean chili made with ground chicken, fire-roasted tomatoes, and buffalo sauce. Made under 30 minutes, it is a great weeknight chili recipes that also stores and freezes well.
4.90 stars (19 ratings)
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A bowl of vegetarian chili with some chips on top.

Easy Vegetarian Chili Recipe (vegan chili!)

This easy vegetarian chili recipe is our family's go-to, one-pot dinner. It's full of vegetables, made with pantry staple ingredients, and is so easy to make. It's a delicious vegan chili that everyone raves about!
4.85 stars (113 ratings)
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A bowl of sweet potato chili with a spoon in it.

Sweet Potato Chili with Chickpeas

This sweet potato chili is a vegan chili recipe that's loaded with tender sweet potatoes and hardy chickpeas. We love this healthy chili recipe as it's easy to make and is always a hit at the dinner table.
4.92 stars (25 ratings)
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Looking down on vegetarian chili in a slow cooker with a ladle taking a scoop.

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili is as easy as it gets and so delicious. Dump everything into your crockpot then walk away while your dinner cooks itself. Leftovers taste amazing and it freezes very well. This is the ultimate easy, healthy dinner recipe!
4.97 stars (52 ratings)
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Two chili dogs on a plate with chips.

Chili Dogs

There are few things more indulgent than biting into a chili dog. With a soft bun, all-beef hot dog, warm ground beef chili, and melted cheddar cheese, this easy recipe is the best way to eat a hot dog. 
4.85 stars (19 ratings)
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A big pot of sausage chili with lots of sausage chunks and mushrooms in it.

Meaty Mushroom Sausage Chili

This sausage chili is loaded with chunks of Italian sausage, ground beef, and sauteed mushrooms. It's a hearty and meaty chili recipe that is sure to please. We usually make this a beanless chili, but you can put some in if your family loves them. It's great both ways.
4.88 stars (8 ratings)
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A pot of easy turkey chili with a ladle in it.

Easy Turkey Chili

Easy Turkey Chili is a hearty and delicious weeknight dinner recipe. It's made with healthy ground turkey, kidney beans, and tasty chili spices. It's a guaranteed winner!
4.98 stars (38 ratings)
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A ladle picking up one of the chili stuffed peppers with lots of melted cheese.

Chili Stuffed Peppers

Chili Stuffed Peppers are a simple and healthy weeknight meal. Bell peppers are stuffed with your favorite chili recipe and baked until soft and delicious. Depending on the chili you choose, these stuffed peppers can be vegan, paleo, or Whole30 approved. Either way, they are always a huge hit at the dinner table!
4.92 stars (46 ratings)
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This delicious bean free Easy Paleo Chili Recipe has become our family's go-to one pot dinner. It's full of healthy veggies and so simple to make. It's also 100% Whole30 compliant. You're going to LOVE it! | | #chili #paleochili #whole30chili #beanfreechili #whole30recipes #paleorecipes #paleofamilyrecipes #healthychili #easychilirecipe #chilirecipe #healthyrecipes #beanlesschili #beanlesschilirecipe

Easy Paleo Chili Recipe

This delicious bean free Easy Paleo Chili Recipe has become our family's go-to one pot dinner. It's full of healthy veggies and so simple to make. It's also 100% Whole30 compliant. You're going to LOVE it!
4.98 stars (45 ratings)
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A spoon in a white bowl filled with crockpot chicken chili.

BBQ Crockpot Chicken Chili

Crockpot Chicken Chili is a recipe our family loves. It is flavored with bourbon (beer or chicken stock work, too!) and BBQ sauce and slow-cooked until the chicken breasts are fall-apart tender. This easy recipe requires no pre-cooking. Just put everything into your slow cooker and come home later to a chili that is smoky, a touch sweet, and totally delicious. You will LOVE it!
4.93 stars (14 ratings)
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black bean corn chili in a bowl topped with avocado salsa

Black Bean and Corn Chili with Avocado Salsa

This black bean and corn chili is hearty, flavorful, and easy to make vegetarian. You'll want to soak up every ounce of the rich tomato broth that's made by using salsa in place of some of the tomatoes. It really is the ultimate one-pot meal, and it's ready in just 30 minutes!
4.89 stars (9 ratings)
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Two bowls of Irish chili with glasses of Guinness on the side.

Guinness Spiked Irish Chili

This delicious Irish Chili is spiked with Guinness which gives it lots of extra flavor. It's super easy to make and a big-time crowd pleaser. I love to serve it for St. Patrick's Day but it's a great chili recipe all year round!
4.94 stars (31 ratings)
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chocolate quinoa chili in a bowl with a spoon

Vegetarian Chocolate Quinoa Chili

This vegetarian quinoa chili is full of flavor and feel-good ingredients. Made with beans, quinoa, cocoa powder, chocolate, and molasses, it has a unique rich taste and wonderful depth. It's an easy-to-make, hearty, and healthy meal that even meat lovers will enjoy!
5 stars (10 ratings)
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A bow of hearty pumpkin chili

Chipotle Bourbon Pumpkin Chili

This pumpkin chili is the ultimate cold-weather comfort food. It's warm, loaded with good-for-you ingredients, and full of flavor. Plus, it's an easy-to-make recipe that all goes into one pot, and it's ready in an hour!
4.88 stars (24 ratings)
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Pulled pork chili in a white bowl

Pulled Pork Chili

Pulled Pork Chili is super easy to make in your crockpot and absolutely delicious. Put everything but the beans and corn into your slow cooker and let it simmer away for hours until the pork is fall off the bone tender. Then shred the meat, add the beans and corn, and dinner is ready. It's a slightly sweet BBQ chili recipe that everyone loves!
If you love this recipe as much as we do, let us know with a 5-star review in the comments!
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