These healthy meal prep recipes will make your life so much easier! You'll find tasty make-ahead breakfast options, meal prep lunches that you'll be excited to eat, and delicious and healthy dinner recipes that you can prep in advance.

Healthy Meal Prep Recipes

We get it, life is busy. That's why we've put together a list of all of our favorite healthy meal prep recipes. We want to help take the stress out of meal planning.

With these recipes, you'll be set for eating healthy and delicious meals all week long.

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Why meal prep

Meal prepping has more benefits than simply making mealtime less stressful. One of the other top bonuses of planning ahead is that you're more likely to eat healthy. Most of the time we won't order pizza delivery or stop by a fast food joint if we know there's a delicious meal waiting for us at home.

It's also a great way to save money. You'll find you waste less food if you know what you're eating all week. And we all know that it's much cheaper to eat at home than it is to eat out!

With these healthy meal prep recipes, you'll be set for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all week long!

Healthy Meal Prep Breakfast Recipes

Homemade breakfast sausages in a pan.

Homemade Breakfast Sausage Patties

Homemade breakfast sausage patties are easy to make, perfectly seasoned, and are way better than anything store-bought. Bonus that they are made without any special equipment and they freeze beautifully for quick weekday breakfasts. 
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Meal prep lunch recipes

Easy chicken bites being dipped into ketchup.

Easy Chicken Bites

Easy Chicken Bites are simple enough to make for a quick and healthy snack and they freeze very well. A light coating of starch and spices makes them nice and crispy when baked. You'll love them!
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Where to buy food prep containers for lunch

One of the least expensive options is to use reusable, Tupperware-style containers that are sold in most grocery stores. Keep in mind that they don't have a tight seal so shouldn't be used to pack things with sauces.

More environmentally-friendly glass food storage containers can be found on Amazon. Having a few that have compartments for different foods can be handy if you want to pack a variety for lunch.

And wide-mouth mason jars are excellent for soups, stews, and chili as they're sturdy, leak-proof, and (without a lid) can be microwaved.

Meal prep dinner recipes

A pot filled with creamy coconut lentil curry with some cilantro on the top.

Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry

This easy to make Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry is a healthy vegan recipe that makes a perfect Meatless Monday dinner recipe. It takes less than an hour (mostly hands-off time) to make and is packed full of delicious Indian flavors. Make extras and you'll have a giant smile on your face at lunch the next day.
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How long do meal prep recipes last in the fridge?

Some recipes keep better than others. Soup, chili, stew, curry, and tomato-based pasta sauces generally taste better a day or two after you make them so they're ideal for meal prep.

The USDA says that all meat (chicken, fish, pork, and beef) will keep for 3-4 days in your fridge. Make sure to store it at the back of your fridge where it is the coldest.

When meal prepping vegetables, remember that salt draws out moisture and will make uncooked vegetables a limp, soggy mess. If your meal prep includes chopping vegetables, don't salt them until you cook them.

What's the best way to reheat meal prep recipes?

How you reheat your prepped food will depend on what it is.

Soup, chili, stew, curry, and sauces reheat best in a pot on medium-low heat. You can also use a microwave.

Things that are crispy (like this pickle brine chicken) reheat best in the oven.

Fish doesn't typically reheat very well as it can become overcooked and dry very easily. But cold leftover fish on a salad makes an amazing lunch!

A few more meal prep recipes you don't want to miss!

Tex-Mex Meatballs in a tomato sauce in a skillet.

Tex-Mex Meatballs

These Tex-Mex meatballs are the perfect one skillet dinner. With juicy spiced beef meatballs simmered in a rich and smoky tomato sauce. They are healthy, simple, and delicious!
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