With over 50 pasta recipes, we have the biggest and best roundup of pasta, stir-fries, and veggie noodles to cook. With the best mix of pasta recipes, this list will make sure you are never bored with pasta!

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Have you been eating more pasta lately? I know I have. I normally have some version of pasta once a week. However, I’ve been quarantining for around 12 days as I write this and around 18 days when this is published. My pasta intake has increased three-fold! I don’t know about you but I’ve been a little more stressed and have been looking for easy recipes that I don’t have to put much thought into lately. Plus, I want my meals to be budget-friendly because the economy is scaring me a bit and I want to make sure I’m being efficient with my budget.

So, we figured if this is how we are living then surely we are not the only ones, which is why we pulled together another amazing roundup. This time, we went big with over 50 amazing, delicious, mostly healthy pasta and noodle recipes. There are a few not-so-healthy recipes mixed in, but honestly, I need a few of these comfort food recipes and thought you could use a few too.

There are so many great recipes and we know you are going to want to save this list for the weeks (months!) to come. What’s great about most of these recipes is that you can swap out ingredients and still make them work without running to the store for a missing ingredient, which is very essential right now. Proteins, veggies, and types of pasta can all be swapped out. The cooking times may adjust a little bit so you may need to get creative if you make substitutions. Unlike baking recipes, cooking is typically very forgiving with ingredient swaps so don’t hesitate to go with the flow and use what’s in the pantry.

Here are the 50+ Best Pasta Recipes:

Favorite Pasta and Noodle Recipes

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Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Mac and Cheese Recipes

Veggie Noodles Pasta Recipes

Spicy Sesame Chicken Zoodles are easy to make and so delicious. The creamy tahini-based sesame sauce does double duty as the marinade in this 20-minute dinner recipe. You will LOVE it! | gluten-free + paleo + Whole30 adaptable | #theendlessmeal #zoodles #sesamenoodles #sesamezoodles #sesamechicken #chicken #noodles #tahini #glutenfree #paleo

Stir Fry Recipes

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