We’ve rounded up the 50+ Best Carrot Recipes on the internet! Carrots are so delicious and versatile that you could make carrots every day and still never be sick of them. You’ll want to save this list for later!

A collage of our favorite carrot recipes with the post title on the picture.

I spent most of my childhood dreading carrots on the table, a small shred of it in a soup, the gross part of the ever-delicious pot pie that my mom made us, and the list goes on. I was a carrot hater. Well, and a pea hater. I loved brussels sprouts though so that has to be something, right? And, man oh man, did I get a lot of flack for it. See, I was born with terrible eyesight and back in the '80s and the '90s, people were all like “your eyesight would get better if you ate carrots.” I stood my ground, thick glasses and all. Are they good for your eyes? Yes. Can I find other options that weren't carrots that could help? Also, yes.  I was a warrior in my battle.

Then, I grew up and started liking carrots and in my 30s now, I love them. You didn't think I would give you almost sixty carrot recipes and open it with my ode to carrot-hatred, did you? Carrots are great, really. They feel like a treat for me when they are caramelized and all dreamy. Plus, carrot cake is also one of my favorite desserts. I love veggie and fruit-based desserts. Hands down, they are my favorite across the board and seasons. Carrots also go with just about anything and I always serve them during Christmas dinner. I'm making up for my childhood mistakes!

Now, a bit about these carrot recipes below. First off, save this list. There are so many outstanding carrot recipes out there but I truly think we found the best of them. Second, carrots are affordable so most of these recipes are budget-friendly too!

Favorite Carrot Recipes

Carrots are the best! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite carrot recipes for quick and easy access. You can eat carrots for breakfast, dinner, lunch, in a salad dressing, pickled, and of course in a delicious pot pie recipe. For real though, that salad dressing is what dreams are made of.

Carrot Noodle Recipes

Thai Chicken Curry Meatballs are served over carrot noodles with coconut satay sauce. They are a crazy delicious and healthy dinner recipe that won't leave you feeling like you're missing out. Go ahead, help yourself to seconds! | theendlessmeal.com

I love a good veggie noodle! And, carrot noodles are my favorite type of vegetable noodle or zoodle. Carrots are hearty and are a great vehicle for any type of delicious sauce, which really is key when you are working with veggie noodles. I have no problem skipping pasta noodles and replacing them with carrot noodles—especially in any of the recipes below.

Carrot Side Dishes

Do you usually add a carrot side dish to your holiday table? I think carrots are so elegant and versatile that they can brighten up your holiday table but are still easy enough to make for a weeknight dinner. These carrot side dishes prove that you can eat carrots all year long and still find interesting and delicious ways to eat them!

Roasted Carrot Recipes

At least one night a week, I’m whipping up some roasted carrots. They are so delicious and filling! These roasted carrot recipes are so fun and can be paired with any main dish. I love how versatile carrots are because that means I can always rely on them to fill out my dinner menu. They pair well with so many different ingredients too. Plus, with this list, you’ll never get bored with roasted carrots.

Carrot Top Recipes

One of my favorite food movements is the uptick in using every part of a vegetable and throwing away less food. Carrots are the perfect example of why we need to utilize every part of veggies. Why are we not using carrot tops more? Seriously, they are so delicious. When in doubt, make carrot top pesto for just about any type of recipe. It’s a great addition.

Carrot Soup Recipes

It’s soup season! I’m always looking for healthy recipes and especially healthy soup recipes. These carrot soup recipes are delicious, full of flavor, and crazy healthy for you. There are so many vegetables in these carrot soup recipes that you’ll immediately feel better about eating all those Christmas cookies for lunch!

Carrot Cake and Dessert Recipes

I’m a huge fan of carrot cake. I love it year-round, not just as an Easter dessert. It’s so moist and delicious and I feel better a little better about eating more than one piece because I'm getting my veggies in. It totally counts as a vegetable serving, right?! I have really only eaten carrot cake but after researching carrot cake and carrot dessert recipes, I have some fun new carrot dessert recipes to try! Each of them sounds incredible and I can’t wait to make my way through the list.

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A collage of our favorite carrot recipes with the post title on the picture.