Birthday Cake Popcorn

Birthday Cake Popcorn

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to The Endless Meal

Happy birthday to you!

Birthday Cake Popcorn

 Can you believe that The Endless Meal turned a year old on September 14th? Or it would have if it were a real thing.

Birthday Cake Popcorn

My first idea to celebrate this one year milestone was to recreate the first recipe I posted. Or more specifically, re-take the photo. It’s cute, in an omg-I-can’t-believe-I-thought-that-was-good-enough-to-post-online kind of way. I’m a little embarrassed to share it with you (I’m cringing a little inside) but if you’re interested in seeing the first post ever on The Endless Meal, check out the Campfire Roasted Stuffed Red Peppers.

Birthday Cake Popcorn

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but my fingers (and camera) were covered in sweet, sticky, birthday cake deliciousness throughout the whole photo shoot. If you are a fan of birthday cake you will love this.

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Birthday Cake Popcorn
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
The Endless Meal - Serves: Makes 6 cups
  • 6 cups popped popcorn
  • ½ bag of marshmallows
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 2-4 tablespoons milk (I used almond milk but regular milk would work too)
  • ¾ cup vanilla cake mix
  • Optional: sprinkles
  1. Place popped popcorn in a large bowl and remove any un-popped kernels.
  2. Place marshmallows in a medium sized saucepan over medium low heat. Stir frequently until marshmallows have melted. Add cake mix and stir till well combined. Stir in vanilla then stir in milk 1 tablespoon at a time until are a pouring (but not runny) consistency.
  3. Pour melted marshmallows over popcorn and stir to combine.
  4. Top with sprinkles.
To make into popcorn balls: wet hands lightly and scoop up a small amount of popcorn. Gently form into the shape of a ball. Re-wet hands between each popcorn ball to prevent the popcorn from sticking to your hands.


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About Kristen

Kristen Stevens is the creator and editor of The Endless Meal. She is also the owner of a small underground restaurant in Vancouver, Canada.
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  1. dana says

    This sounds very yummy. Have you ever tried using rice chex instead of popcorn? With all of the their great recipes for the puppy chow variations this may be good too???

  2. Jennifer says

    Hi Kristen,

    I stumbled upon this recipe on Pinterest. Looks yummy. Do you think you could make it with Puffcorn as well, or just popcorn? Can’t wait to try it. Thank you!

  3. kathy says

    Do I/we use microwaved seasoned buttered popcorn or make fresh popcorn kernals in a paperbag with no extra seasonings?

    • says

      Hi Kathy,

      I popped the popcorn on the stovetop for this recipe since I don’t have a microwave. I’m pretty sure that plain microwavable popcorn would work too though :)

  4. Elizabeth says

    Love this! Thinking of making it for my daughter’s bday party. How far ahead do you think I could make this?

  5. Wanda says

    Hi there! This popcorn looks amazing! I’m wanting to make it but I’m wondering what size your bag of marshmallows is…or how many cups of marshmallows are needed? Do you use mini marshmallows or regular?

    • says

      Hi Wanda,

      I used regular marshmallows, but mini ones would work too. I’m not sure how big the bag I used was but I’ve only ever seen one size of bag. Do marshmallows come in different sized bags where you live?

      I’ll have a look at the marshmallows next time I’m at the grocery store and let you know k!

      If I had to guess I would say roughly 5-6 cups :)

    • says

      Hi Apurva,

      The cake mix is really just for flavouring. Just add the dry cake mix and follow the recipe. Since you’re not adding any of the other cake ingredients it does not need to cook. Hope this makes sense now!

      Happy birthday to your son!!

  6. Kellie says

    Hello! I found your recipe somewhere on notcot and it looks so cute and easy to make. I was wondering: Your recipe calls for “2-4 teaspoons milk” but then you have say to add milk by “tablespoon”. What’s the proper measurement?

    • says

      Hey Kellie,

      Clearly I had eaten too much birthday cake popcorn when I was writing this recipe The correct measurement is 2-4 tablespoons. Going to change that now!

    • Kristen says

      When I was taking the photos all I could think was that this would be perfect for a little girl’s birthday. Hope she loves it!

  7. says

    This looks yummy and so cute! Am I just totally blind or is the cake mix missing from the recipe? Do you add it in with the melted marshmallows?

      • Reena says

        I’m a bit confused still. Does the cake mix get cooked while stirring in the marshmallows in the sauce pan or should i stir in the baked cake crumbs in to the marshmallows.
        please let me know I’m planning to make this for this sunday jan 14th 2013


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