The Endless Meal®


Looking to celebrate boozy-style? Try one of our delicious cocktails! Margaritas are our specialty, but we don’t discriminate and love all cocktails equally.

A bourbon sour in a rocks glass with a cocktail cherry

The Best Bourbon Sour

Irish Mule and a bottle of Irish whiskey

Irish Mule

An Irish coffee in a tall, glass mug

Irish Coffee

Two Irish Cream Lattes next to a bottle of Bailey's

Irish Cream Latte

Coffee Margaritas in salt rimmed glasses

Coffee Margarita (Espresso Margarita)

A Raspberry Martini with fresh raspberries and a lemon slice

Raspberry Martini

Two espresso martinis with a bottle of Kahlua.

Espresso Martini

Winter Pimm's in glasses with lots of garnishes

Winter Pimm’s Cup

A hot toddy in a glass mug

Hot Toddy

Two new year's eve glasses filled with cotton candy champagne.

Cotton Candy Champagne

a French 75 in a champagne flute

French 75

Three Christmas Mimosa garnished with cranberries and rosemary

Christmas Mimosa

A Cranberry Bourbon Sour with a rosemary sprig

Cranberry Bourbon Sour

a Christmas Cranberry Mojito in a tall glass with a cinnamon stick

Christmas Cranberry Mojito

Two Maple Bourbon Sours surrounded by maple leaves

Maple Bourbon Sour

a negroni in a rocks glass

Negroni Recipe

Champagne flutes with Apple Cider Mimosa and an apple ring garnish.

Apple Cider Mimosa

Two Maple Old Fashioned drinks with a bottle of bourbon behind them.

Maple Old Fashioned

apple cider spiced with bourbon in a glass

Spiked Apple Cider

Champagne Margarita (Mexican 75)

two negroni sours in coupe glasses.

Negroni Sour

two highball glasses filled with whiskey ginger

Whiskey Ginger

Whiskey Highball (whiskey soda) beside a bottle of whiskey

Whiskey Highball

a close up of an Apple Bourbon Smash

Apple Bourbon Smash