This delicious Brandy Mulled Wine Recipe is a must during the holidays. It's easy to make, perfectly spiced, and tastes like Christmas.

It's the easiest winter drink to make. Put your inexpensive red wine, brandy, and spices into a pot. Then warm them up and drink.


- red wine - apple juice - brandy - maple syrup - orange - cinnamon sticks - black peppercorns - whole cloves - star anise


Add all the ingredients to a large pot over medium-high heat. As soon as you start to see steam rising from the pot, reduce the heat to medium.

Strain the mulled wine into mugs or thick-walled wine glasses and top with any or all of the optional garnishes.

Don't blow your budget on a good bottle of wine for this recipe. An inexpensive merlot or cabernet sauvignon is perfect.

Leftovers can be stored in your fridge for several days. You can drink it cold or gently reheat it.

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