Celebrate apple season with this naturally sweetened apple lemonade. It's juicy, fresh, and perfectly sweet.

It's also easily customizable, simple to make with just a few ingredients, and ready in just 5 minutes!


- Apple juice - Lemon juice - Maple syrup - Apple and lemon slices


Add the apple juice, lemon juice, and maple syrup to a large pitcher and stir well.

When you're ready to serve the lemonade, add ice and apple and lemon slices to the pitcher.

NOTES Apple juice is naturally quite sweet, so you can easily make this a sugar-free lemonade simply by omitting the maple syrup. It's delicious without it, too.

FAQS Can I use honey instead of maple syrup? Yes, you can. But when honey meets cold apple juice, it thickens and doesn't mix well.

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