In this refreshing blackberry mojito, fresh muddled blackberries give the traditional drink a fruity twist. The berry's sweet-tart flavor is delightful against the mojito's minty-lime taste.

This ice-cold drink is the perfect way to make use of fresh blackberries and mint in peak season. Mix one up for yourself or fix a round for friends, sip back, and enjoy!


- Lime - Mint leaves - Blackberries - Sugar - White rum - Soda water - Lime slices, blackberries, and mint


Add the lime, mint, blackberries, and sugar to a tall glass or mason jar and muddle for at least 10 seconds. Add the rum and muddle again.

Strain the mojito into a tall, ice-filled glass.

Top the glass with soda water and garnish with lime slices, blackberries, and mint.

NOTES: While a traditional mojito is not strained, you'll want to strain this one to remove the blackberry seeds.

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