This next month is dedicated healthy Whole30 recipes. All the recipes will be gluten-free and paleo, many will be vegan and every one of them delicious. Let's do this!

This next month is dedicated healthy Whole30 recipes. All the recipes will be gluten-free and paleo, many will be vegan and every one of them delicious. Let's do this! |

Today's the day! This is happening! Omgeee. ?

For the past month, I've been talking about The Whole30 Program to whoever would listen. I've been listing off the clean-living health benefits and raving about the back to the basics recipes that are simple and delicious. Mostly, I've been blabbering on and on about it to help build up my courage to actually do it.

Starting today, I'm taking the leap. And I thought it would be fun if we could go on this adventure together. What do you think, want to join me? → If you want to go all the way, this is The Whole30 Program book that I bought. #Whole30groupies

Here's what my Whole30 plan means for the blog:

For the next month, I'll only be sharing recipes that are Whole30 approved. But DON'T WORRY, everything will be delicious as always. To be honest, I bet that if I didn't tell you, you prob wouldn't have noticed.

I've got a bunch of Whole30 dinner recipes for you and some Whole30 approved vegan recipes. There'll be a few Easter appropriate recipes this week and a few Whole30 Cinco de Mayo recipes when that holiday comes around.

There's salad, soup, chicken dinners, fish, veggies, vegan and every kind of recipe you would usually find here. So ya, nothing's changing.

So why am I making a big deal and telling you all about Whole30?

Here's the thing, the concept behind Whole30 fits 100% into my view of what healthy eating looks like. There are no sugars, grains, legumes, dairy, or processed foods allowed. Eating Whole30 means you're filling your plate with veggies, topping that with meat or seafood, and digging in.

It's simple, real food. I can tell you from my past month of experimenting with Whole30 recipes (without fully taking the plunge) that my body feels happy after a Whole30 meal.

Why I'm jumping on the Whole30 train.

Here's the truth: I feel like I need a reset. While I eat reasonably healthy most of the time, I also love to indulge. Bags of chips (I'm looking at you, Kettle Chips) are my snack of choice, eating out is SO EASY and fun, and boozy cocktails and red wine just. taste. so. good.

I know it doesn't show from this blog, but I LOVE making cocktails. I blame the bourbon, scotch, and mezcal for tasting so good! Most nights, I'll pull out Bar Chef before dinner and pretend I'm a pro bartender. (I'm so not, but that ‘cook' book can make anyone feel pro.) Then I'll pour us a glass of red with dinner. Truth: not enjoying a civilized glass of wine with dinner is going to be the hardest part of this month long journey.

Between the Kettle Chips, boozy cocktails, restaurant food, and a 10-month-old baby, the scale has been climbing. When I was in my early 20s, the scale read a full 15 lbs. less than it does now. I'm doing the math and looking into the future and realizing that something needs to change.

Full disclosure: Whole30 is not for weight-loss! They make that very clear in their book. This is a healthy way of eating to create new habits. If a few pounds disappear along the way, that's just a bonus.

Will you join me?

Drastically changing my eating habits for a whole month is going to be tough. I know there are going to be times when I'm hungry and unprepared, and it's going to suck. I know I'll sit down to a juicy steak dinner and want to wash it down with a big, bold red but have to take a sip of boring water instead. I'll pout and huff and probably stomp my feet when no one is looking.

Do you know what would make this so much easier?


Having a team of sacrifice making, clean-eating, Whole30-ers to do this together with would be AWESOME. So far, I've convinced my mom and a girlfriend (hi, Gaile!) to join me. Will you join me, too?

Here's how we can do Whole30 together:

  1. You can pick up The Whole30 Program book here. There are also tons of resources online.
  2. Follow along on the blog and Instagram. The next month will be dedicated to Whole30 recipes.
  3. Join the conversation by tagging #Whole30groupies

Let's do this!

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