Vegetarian Vegetable Korma

This wholesome vegetable korma ticks all the boxes: it has a flavor-packed, rich, and creamy sauce made with yogurt and a blend of aromatic spices, blended cashews, coconut milk, and an assortment of vibrant fresh vegetables.


– Vegetables – Oil – Garlic and ginger – Tomato paste – Spices – Sea salt – Coconut milk – Cashews – Lemon juice – Yogurt

Add the potatoes to a medium-sized pot, cover with water and bring to a boil. Let the potatoes boil for 5 minutes then add the rest of the veggies to the pot.


Let them boil for another 5 minutes then drain the pot and set it aside.


While the veggies are cooking, start preparing the vegetarian korma sauce. Heat the oil in a medium-sized pot over medium-high heat.


Add the onion and cook, stirring occasionally, until it is soft, about 5 minutes. Add the ginger and garlic and cook for 2 minutes more.


Remove the pot from the heat and add the tomato paste and all of the spices. Stir well then return the pot to the heat.


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