We're putting a Caribbean twist on a classic with this refreshing rum mule! It's light, crisp, and everything we love about a Moscow mule but with the bold taste of spiced rum.


– Rum – Lime juice – Ginger beer – Lime slices, ginger slices, and     fresh mint leaves

Fill a glass with ice and then add the rum and lime juice. Top with some ginger beer and then give your mule a quick stir.


Garnish with a few lime slices, slices of ginger, and mint and serve right away.


When a Moscow mule cocktail is made with rum it's called a rum mule or a dark and stormy cocktail.

We love the flavor of spiced rum so that's what we use for this recipe. You can certainly use different types of rum like white or dark rum, it will just yield a slightly different tasting drink.

Ginger ale is less spicy and sweeter so it will taste different, but will still make a great cocktail.

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