This rhubarb lemonade takes everyone's favorite summer sip for a spin. It's an ultra-refreshing sweet-tart drink for any occasion that uses just four ingredients and is ready in 25 minutes!

Calling all lemonade lovers! If you enjoy the sweet-tart taste of lemonade, you'll love this rosy version using rhubarb.


Rhubarb Syrup - rhubarb - water - sugar Rhubarb Lemonade - water - lemon juice - Lemon slices and chopped rhubarb


Begin by making the rhubarb syrup. Simmer the rhubarb and water in a small, covered pot for 10 minutes.

Crush the rhubarb gently with a spoon to release all of the flavor. Strain the syrup through a fine-mesh sieve then return the syrup to the pot.

Add the sugar and stir until it dissolves, about 2 minutes. Let the rhubarb syrup cool completely before using it.

Pour the rhubarb syrup into a large pitcher then add the water and lemon juice and stir well.

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