Transport yourself to the tropics with this refreshing pineapple smoothie! It's a thick, creamy, and delicious smoothie that's great as a quick breakfast or snack on the go.


– Frozen pineapple – Banana – Orange – Yogurt – Water

Add the pineapple, banana, orange, yogurt, and water to your blender.


Blend on high speed until smooth and creamy. Add extra water if you'd like a thinner smoothie.


Pour into cups and serve right away.


If your ingredients are all fresh (not frozen) then simply add a big handful of ice to your smoothie to cool it down. You may also want to reduce the amount of water as fresh ingredients make a thinner smoothie.

We recommend adding a natural sweetener like honey or agave. Maple syrup is another option, but it will add a slight maple flavor.

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