Pickled Beets and Onions

These pickled beets and onions are both sweet and tangy; there's nothing better than reaching for homemade pickled veg to brighten up your favorite salad, sandwich, or charcuterie board.


– Pearl onions – Beets – Apple cider vinegar – Maple syrup – Black peppercorns – Star anise

Sterilize jars by placing the washed jars into a cold oven and then turning the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave the jars in the oven for 10 minutes at full heat and then open the oven door and let them cool.


Bring a medium-sized pot of water to a boil and add the pearl onion. Boil them for 5 minutes then use a slotted spoon to remove them – reserve the water. When the onions are cool enough to touch, remove the skins.


Add beets to the onion water and cook until they are soft when pricked with a fork, about 20-30 minutes.


While the beets are boiling, add the vinegar, maple syrup, water, peppercorns, salt, star anise, and ginger slices to a small pot and bring it to a boil. Cover the pot and boil hard for 3 minutes.


Drain the beets and set them aside until they're cool enough to handle. Peel the skin from beets, cut off the top and bottom, and quarter them.


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