This pickle brine chicken is flavorful, juicy, and tender with an incredibly crispy crust. It's the tastiest oven fried chicken and the perfect way to use the leftover juice in a pickle jar!

Stop throwing away the juice from an empty jar of pickles! Use it to marinate chicken; you'll be so happy that you did!


- chicken breasts - dill pickle juice - breadcrumbs - all-purpose flour - sea salt and pepper - egg + cold water - Spray oil - sweet pickles


Cut the chicken tenders away from the breasts then pound the chicken breast so they are ½-inch thick.

You can use a rolling pin or give them a few good smacks with the palm of your hand.

Then cut each breast in half so that you have 8 smaller pieces + 4 chicken tenders.

Place the chicken into a mixing bowl and pour the pickle juice over top. You want the pieces completely covered.

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