Oysters on the Half Shell

Follow this recipe for oysters on the half shell to serve up some delicious wonders of the ocean with mignonette sauce like a real pro!


– Red wine vinegar – Unseasoned rice vinegar – Finely minced shallot – Sugar, salt, and pepper – Oysters – Crushed ice – Grated horseradish – Lemon slices

Make the mignonette by mixing the ingredients together in a small bowl.


Prep your serving plate by filling it with crushed ice. Place the mignonette in a bowl in the center and the horseradish in a second bowl.


Hold an oyster, flat-side up, with a kitchen towel. Make sure to leave the end (hinged side) exposed. Place the tip of the oyster shucker between the two shells right where they hinge together.


Press inward with firm pressure, wiggling your shucker a little, until it pops open. Keep the oyster level so that the liquid stays inside.


Clean your oyster shucker and then use it to open the shell by inserting it into the oyster shell and twisting it gently


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