Here's an easy mayo mustard sauce with a bit of kick. Spread it on burgers, sandwiches, or sausages, or use it as a dip. With just 2 ingredients, it's quick to make and it's ready in under 5 minutes!


– Mayonnaise – Mustard

Add the mayonnaise and mustard to a bowl.


Mix until combined.


In the pictures, we used German mustard, which is a bit like a mild dijon. If you enjoy the flavor of yellow mustard, go ahead and use that.

For a bit of heat, dijon is lovely. Or, if you want a little sweetness, opt for Bavarian-style sweet mustard.

This creamy mustard mayo sauce is perfect for spreading on burgers, sausages, and sandwiches. It's the sauce we use on our mouth-watering bratwurst burgers.

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