It's time to warm up with this classic and comforting hot toddy. It's made with your choice of bourbon, whiskey, or rum, a touch of honey, hot water, and fresh lemon juice.


– Whiskey, bourbon, or rum – Lemon juice – Honey – Hot water – Lemon slice and cinnamon     stick

Add your choice of alcohol, the lemon juice, and honey to a heatproof glass.


Pour the hot water into the mug and stir until the honey dissolves.


Garnish with a lemon slice and cinnamon stick.


Besides choosing your favorite liquor, you can also switch up the citrus. Try lime, orange, or grapefruit, or a combination.

You can also brew a cup of lemon tea and use that in place of the hot water. Another option to replace the water is to steep a tea bag, star anise, fresh ginger, and whole cloves.

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