Bourbon Mule

Need a 5-minute cocktail? Try this bourbon mule for a refreshing and zesty little sip.


– Bourbon – Lime – Ginger beer – Garnishes

Fill a glass with ice and then add the bourbon and lime juice. Top with some ginger beer and then give your mule a quick stir.


Garnish with a few lime wedges and some mint and serve right away.


Can I use ginger ale instead of ginger beer?

Ginger beer is the preferred bubbly soda to include in your bourbon mule. It has a pronounced, spicy ginger flavor. Ginger ale, on the other hand, is sweeter and has a more subtle flavor.

Can I use another type of alcohol instead of bourbon?

You can, however, when you swap the bourbon out you'll be making another variation of a mule. For example, a Moscow mule uses vodka and a Mexican mule uses tequila.

Do I need to serve a bourbon mule in a copper mug?

The copper mug is designed to keep a cold drink nice and frosty. If you don't have copper mugs you can absolutely use a regular glass.

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