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Friends, we're talking about something a little uncomfortable here today. Let's just get it out of the way and say it … we're talking about fear. More specifically, we're talking about overcoming fear, which is about a bazillion times more exciting than talking about fear itself. But still, it's an uncomfortable topic.

Before I started this little blog here, I remember being terrified. 

  • I was worried that people would think the name I chose was silly.
  • I was confused by which blogging platform to use.
  • I was terrified that I'd never be able to figure out the scary tech side of things.
  • And I was even more terrified to press publish on my first post.

You guys, I get it. Starting a blog, like starting any new adventure in life, is scary. I saw this quote recently and absolutely love it:

Overcome Your Fears So You Can Start Your Blog | theendlessmeal.com

While fear certainly has its place in keeping us safe sometimes, the fear we feel around starting a blog holds us back and prevents us from creating something awesome. Let's kick the fear and doubt we feel out of the way so we can get on with bigger and better things.

I know I know, it's easier said than done. These are the top four fears that people tell me they have when they want to start a blog, and I can relate to all of them.

#1: Not knowing what to write about

There are a bazillion possible things you can write about and it can be tough to choose one topic. The start of any blog begins with an idea of what you want to share with the world, or at least an idea that you want to share SOMETHING with the world.

Try this

Write down three main topics that you are passionate about. These could be food, fashion, kids, sports, yoga, wellness, design, business, etc.

Next, for each of the three main topics you're passionate about write down 10 blog posts you'd like to write. If food is one of your passions, you could write down 10 recipes you'd like to share. If wellness is your passion, write down 10 topics on wellness that you'd like to write about.

Tip: If you're really struggling to find 10 post names you'd like to write about chances are the topic you chose isn't one you're really passionate about. Stick to something you love and it will come a lot easier to you.

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#2: Not knowing where to begin

This is a tough one. When I first started The Endless Meal, I spent days (err, weeks) searching the internet for the right way to start a blog. Sure, there is a lot of information out there, but a lot of it is confusing, outdated and contradictory.

Try this

No matter what kind of blog you want to start, you need three things:

  1. A domain name.
  2. A hosting company.
  3. WordPress.

Of course, there's a lot more to starting a blog than those three little steps.  The thing is, you can't move onto anything else until you have those three things in place. If you don't know where to start, start here. Once you have these three things in place, the rest will start to flow.

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#3: Feeling overwhelmed

This is a fear I know well. When I feel overwhelmed I come to a stand still and accomplish absolutely nothing. Sound familiar?

Try this

Write things down ON PAPER. Yes, good old-fashioned pen and paper are what you want to work with here. Leave your fancy apps alone. 

Start by dividing the tasks you need to accomplish into categories. Then for each category, write down all the steps you need to take.

This is important: Start at the beginning and work on ONE step at a time. When you've completed the first step, cross it off before moving onto the next. Be strict with yourself and don't let your mind focus on anything other than the task at hand.

#4: Worrying about what other people think

I know we're not supposed to care at all about what other people think, but we do. We're only human, after all! When I started The Endless Meal, I worried about what people would think when they read my writing and saw my pictures. I also worried that no one would ever visit my blog and that my writing and pictures would never be seen. So contradictory, I know!

Try this

Getting over your fear of what people think of you online is exactly the same as getting over your fear of what people think of you in real life.

What do I do? I take a deep breath and say, “F**k it, let's do this!” It's basically my crass form of an affirmation.

Choose a positive phrase that encourages you and say that to yourself. Remember, you rock and you can do this!