Treat mom to a beautiful Mother's Day Brunch Menu she will absolutely adore. The menu will take you 2 hours to make and I've included a timeline to help.

Mother's Day Brunch Menu that will take less than 2 hours to make + a timeline to help you get it all done on time.

This Sunday treat your mom to a beautiful Mother's Day brunch!

The menu this Sunday will take you less than 2 hours to prep, and that includes time to pour mom a special drink and welcome her to brunch. We'll start by handing mom a bouquet of flowers and a beautiful Sunrise Mimosa made with fresh squeezed orange juice.

Mother's Day brunch will feature a smoked salmon eggs Benedict platter with a simple homemade hollandaise sauce and fingerling potatoes. On the side, we'll be serving a pretty purple kale salad that's garnished with pansies.

We've made some Cranberry Pistachio Chocolate Bark to nibble on once we've cleared our Mother's Day brunch dishes.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a timeline to help you get it all done on-time.

Bon appétit!

Sunrise Mimosas :: Leelalicious

Sunrise Mimosas :: Leelalicious :: No Mother's Day brunch would be complete without a mimosa and these extra special Sunrise Mimosas are made with fresh OJ and grenadine. Make sure to read Regina's tip for keeping the sunrise effect when you pour the orange juice into the cup.

Smoked Salmon Benedict :: Army Wife to Suburban Life

Smoked Salmon Benedict :: Army Wife to Suburban Life :: This is the best-looking eggs benny I've ever seen. I personally can't think of having brunch without eggs Benedict, and Mother's Day brunch is no exception. I love love love that it is served on a platter, rather than on individual plates. This is family-style dining at its best!

Purple Kale and Pansy Salad :: View from The Great Island

Purple Kale and Pansy Salad :: The View from The Great Island :: Can you even imagine a prettier salad to serve mom for her Mother's Day brunch? If you have a garden you can pick the pansies that are growing right now (so long as you don't use creepy toxic sprays in your garden. you don't do that, do you?) If you're not lucky enough to have a backyard or patio to grow your own edible flowers on (like me) then you can often find them at higher-end grocery stores. Even without the pansies the purple kale, basil, and mint leaves make this a very pretty salad.

Cranberry Pistachio Chocolate Bark :: Delicious Meets Healthy

Cranberry Pistachio Chocolate Bark :: Delicious Meets Healthy :: I know that dessert after brunch isn't the norm, but mom deserves a little something sweet after her Mother's Day brunch. This dark chocolate bark is delicious, made with nothing but good-for-you ingredients and takes only a few minutes to whip up. Win!

Get it done on time

This Mother’s Day brunch timeline is based around mom coming over at 10 am and sitting down to eat at 11 am. Feel free to adjust the times based on when you’d like to begin eating.

Note: I’ve scheduled 45 minutes to make the salmon benedict, even though it will likely take you a little less time. If your company is running late don’t fret, you can finish all parts of the Benedict, except for the eggs, ahead of time.

Pro Tip

Have yourself ready to go, your house cleaned and your table set before you start prepping for brunch.

Click here for a printable version of this timeline.


  • Start your morning by making the chocolate bark.
  • Squeeze some orange juice (or buy fresh OJ so you can skip this step), set out the champagne glasses and have the garnishes ready.
  • Make the salad dressing, wash the kale and put all the salad ingredients (except the salad dressing!) into a large salad bowl. Leave the bowl on the counter.
  • Put a pot of coffee on.


  • Your mom arrives! Pour her a sunrise mimosa.


  • It’s time to make the Benedict. Start with the potatoes. Put the butter for the sauce on the stove to melt while you brown the potatoes. Once you cover the potatoes put a pot for the eggs on the stove and start to heat the water. Next, make the sauce and then, once the potatoes are cooked, put the eggs in the water to poach for a couple of minutes.


  • Refill your mom’s mimosa, toss the salad with the salad dressing and garnish with some edible flowers and bring brunch to the table!


Bring the chocolate bark to the table to nibble on after you’ve cleared the brunch dishes.