Make money from a food blog

Here's what The Endless Meal blog earned in January:

  • Google Adsense – $106.27
  • Infolinks – $45.19
  • Ligit – $8.24
  • Viglink – $0.65

Total Blog Income = $160.35

A few other fun numbers:

  • 45,266 people came by to visit The Endless Meal
  • 81.10% of those people were visiting The Endless Meal for the first time
  • Most of the referral traffic came from Pinterest

You might have noticed that, despite having more visitors, The Endless Meal earned less income this month compared to December's Cooking Up an Income Report. Unfortunately, that happens sometimes. The amount of income you receive from Adsense or Infolinks depends on how much their advertisers are paying them. Seems as though it wasn't a lot in January.

A note about how to get more traffic from Pinterest:

Photography is arguably the most important part of a food blog. Sure, you need good recipes, but if the images aren't making people want to make your recipes they're unlikely to stick around long. If you are new to food photography or have been playing with it for a little while and are looking for some tips to help you improve, Pinch of Yum has a great e-book called Tasty Food Photography that I think you'd find really useful. I bought it and there is a lot of great information in there.

A few of you were asking to see some information about which posts received the most traffic. Here are the top ten pages with the most traffic to them in January:

How to be a food blogger

One thing that you'll notice, if you google any of the pages, is that all of them show up on the first page of a Google search. This is important. Really, really important. Think about it … how often do you look at more than just the first page? Not very often, right?

So how do you make sure that your blog post stands out from the rest enough to make it on the first page? While there are no guarantees, there is something you can do to dramatically increase your chances. It's a little tool called Google Keywords Tool. And it rocks.

It lets you search for different combinations of keywords to find what is going to work best for you. Here's an example:

How to be a food blogger

You'll notice that if I had I titled the blog post Asian Salad there would have been 90,500 people searching for that combination of keywords. That's great, but I thought that the post had a better chance of ranking higher if I titled it Asian Salad Recipe. Turns out I was right. Love it when that happens 🙂

Also, even though the salad was delicious, it looks like no one is searching for a delicious Asian salad.

How to be a food blogger

Before you put out a blog post, head over to Google Keywords Tool and figure out which title will help you to rank the highest in Google. You want to choose a title that has a good amount of monthly searches and low competition.

The next thing that you want to do is make sure that you write the title of the post a few times within the body of the post. You want to use the keywords, but you also want it to sound natural. You might have noticed that I will often write something like, “This Asian salad recipe is delicious.”

If you have any questions about January's Cooking Up an Income Report, or if there is something you would like to see discussed in the next one, let me know!

~ Kristen