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How to start a food blog

Do you love food? Do you pull out your phone and beg your friends not to take a bite of their meal until after you’ve taken a picture of it? Do you spend all your time searching Pinterest for delicious looking eats? Do you spend hours looking at all your favorite food blogs? I bet you’ve thought, “hey, I should start a food blog of my own.” Well guess what: you’re right!

Don't wait: start your food blog now!

Set aside 15 minutes and let me show you how to start a food blog of your very own. That's right, you can have your very own food blog in only 15 minutes. Let's do this together.

This page contains affiliate links. If you click on these links and decide to make a purchase, I will earn a small amount of commission, but you will pay exactly the same amount. I support these products 100% and want to share them with you because I believe they will help you become a great food blogger.

How To Start a Food Blog in 3 Easy Steps by The Endless Meal

How To Start A Blog in 3 Easy Steps

1) Domain Name and Hosting:

This is the exciting part! What do you want the name of your website to be? The name of my blog is (that's pretty obvious, right?) What do you want yours to be? Brainstorm as many ideas as you can before you settle on one you love.

Once you know what you want to call your new food baby you can either head on over to Bluehost to see if your domain name is available, or use this handy domain name checker I have for you here. Enter the name you want in the ‘new domain' box, choose whether you want .com (the best) or another ending, then press the blue ‘next' button or the green ‘check domain' button.

How to Start a Food Blog

Next you'll need to choose your plan level. I would strongly suggest choosing the starter option. While it's more money upfront, you will end up saving quite a bit of cash than if you were to pay month by month.

Start a Food Blog

Besides choosing a name, you'll also need to host your new blog. This is what the plan levels above are all about. Hosting can be thought of as renting. You will need to ‘rent' a space on the web for your blog. Bluehost has the best rates in town and will give you your domain name for free just for hosting with them.

Bluehost also has stellar customer service, excellent technology, and a money back guarantee. Win win win!

Once you choose your starter package, you'll need to fill in your personal information and choose a few details about the package. Here's a screenshot of what I recommend choosing.

The “Domain Privacy Protection” keeps your name, address and phone number from displaying to the public. It is a very small cost and one I highly recommend.

Start a Food Blog

2) Install WordPress:

Once you've chosen your domain name and signed up with Bluehost to host your blog, you will need to install WordPress.

WordPress is the FREE blogging software that I use for The best part about it is that it is super easy to use, and even easier to install.

Here's how you install WordPress:

Go to and login using the credentials you set up when your purchased your domain name and hosting.

Click on Cpanel then click on Install WordPress.

How to Start a Food Blog

Next, you'll want to click “Start” to begin your brand new install.

How to Start a Food Blog

From the drop-down menu choose your new domain, and then click “Check Domain.”

How to Start a Food Blog

Important: make sure you change your admin username to something unique. This is the name you will use to login to your blog, and you don't want it to be something easy to guess.

Then click “Install Now.”

How to Start a Food Blog

How to Start a Food Blog

You've installed WordPress onto your blog! Check your email for a message about how to access your login page and enter the Admin Username and Admin Password that you chose.

Congratulations … you're now in your brand new blog!

How to Start a Food Blog

3) Make It Look Delicious:

Hello, fellow food blogger! I'm so happy that you decided to make the leap and become a real, certified food blogger. Can we be friends?

Before you dive into sharing all your great recipes with the world, you might want to think about making your blog look as great as your food. WordPress is a little bland out of the box, but don't worry, there are a few simple options for sprucing it up quickly.

WordPress offers free themes that you can see here. Themes are a little like a house for your blog. They each have their own layout, and you can choose which layout you like best.

If you want a blog that is a little more unique, a little more you, then you will want to think about buying a premium theme. These are my recommendations:

Genesis Framework

I use the Genesis Framework, along with Foodie Pro, for The Endless Meal and I HIGHLY recommend it. Foodie Pro is a great theme that is professional looking, highly customizable and was designed with food bloggers in mind. It is a very visual focused theme with lots of great options, including a customizable recipe index page. It's also very user-friendly and easy to make custom changes to.

Thesis DIY

This is what I started with when I first launched The Endless Meal. It is a great theme that is 100% customizable. The major drawback is that it is quite complicated to use. Even though the support forums can be an incredible help, this theme is not for the faint of heart. If you have a solid background in tech or don't mind spending the hours learning, this theme does afford you the most in terms of customizations.

Elegant Themes

I haven't personally used Elegant Themes, but I think some of their themes look really nice. They're definitely worth checking out!

Theme Forest

Theme Forest is the cheapest of the premium themes. They have a number of nice looking options and categories, including a blog/magazine category. Do check them out!

Food Blogging Resources

Now that you've learned how to start a food blog here are a few other resources that you may find helpful: