I figured that just because I was camping didn’t mean I needed to eat wieners and canned beans. It did mean giving a little extra thought and taking a few things into consideration. Weight, for one. We had an hour-long, 650-meter ascent to reach the lake. It was grueling, especially with a 40-pound pack on my back. The last thing I needed was extra weight. But what I did need was great food.

The hike to Lindeman Lake is, essentially, a straight-up hill ascent. We passed huge boulders, crossed log bridges, tripped on slippery tree roots, and weaved our way through rocks so close together that we could barely squeeze through. All this while scrambling up, what felt like, a completely vertical slope with, again what felt like, a 150-pound pack on my back. We journeyed to the far side of the lake where the view is even more beautiful. Getting there required passing through some prime ankle-twisting territory of fallen boulders from a rock slide. It was worth it. It is easily one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. And the spot we camped, hidden a little into the trees, was perfectly secluded.

My dreams of roasting a fish over the fire in a little foil packed with just a little lemon and salt were never realized. For some reason, the fish just didn’t think the worm on the end of my hook looked all that tasty. Perhaps they would have preferred the feta and basil stuffed peppers that we roasted over the fire. Or maybe it was the fingerling potatoes and dill with a side of Polish mayonnaise they were after. Could have been the grilled truffle salami or the roasted mini eggplant they really wanted or the chili and lime roasted corn on the cob. Although I’m really not sure if they would have loved any of the delicious campfire-cooked meal, I know they would have been a great addition to it. I tried to explain this to them as I cast my rod over the water quickly darkening from the night, but to no avail. Silly little fishes.

Feta and Basil Stuffed Peppers

This recipe is altered from the amazing stuffed peppers made by my good friend Gaile Guevara.

  • Red sweet tooth peppers (the ones from Celydon Farm at the Main Street Farmers Market are AMAZING!)
  • Macedonian style feta
  • Sheep feta
  • Minced garlic
  • Basil – lots of it
  1. Mix together the feta, garlic and basil and stuff into cleaned peppers                            
  2. Place on gill over the campfire and turn to char each side*
  3. You will know they are done when the cheese starts to melt and the peppers char

*If you are not able to hike into the bush and build a campfire, a bbq will work just fine ☺