How to be a food blogger

Hello again!

My apologies for leaving you out of the loop for so long. Over the next few days you are going to be bombarded with catch-up Cooking Up an Income Reports. If you stick around, I promise to post a very yummy brownie recipe afterward as a thank you. 🙂

Here is the breakdown of income for October:

  • Google Adsense – $140.20
  • Infolinks: $48.99
  • Lijit: $11.08
  • Viglink – $68.00

Total: $268.29

One of the cool things about having a food blog (other than pigging out on Bourbon Coconut Cupcakes for breakfast) is being contacted to participate in interesting projects. NOLO Magazine has asked me to be their food writer. (I said yes.) And Foodie asked me to contribute to an e-cookbook they were publishing. (I said yes to that too.)

I've been struggling about whether to include the income (little more than a stipend) from these other opportunities in the blog income, or not. While the money wasn't made from The Endless Meal site, the opportunity wouldn't have been there without it. What do you think? Should that income be included?

 Here are a few stats from Google Analytics:

  • 41,205 people came to visit The Endless Meal
  • They stuck around for about a minute
  • 21.79% of those people had been here before
  • Most people were visiting from the United States. About half as many came from Canada.
  • There were several countries where only 1 person stopped by: Yemen, Uzbekistan, Mali, and more. How cool is it that somebody all the way over in Uzbekistan came to visit The Endless Meal? I love that!
  • Foodgawker sent the most visitors n October. Thank you Foodgawker 🙂

In the past few months a lot of awesome people have left comments in the Cooking Up an Income section. I really appreciate your interest and support. You have encouraged me to focus more on this section. Thank you!