Cooking Up an Income - November Profits

Hey guys,

So before I get into this post I just have to say something … Yiippppeee! This November, The Endless Meal made more than it ever has before! Ok, now that I've just done a little happy dance around my living room, let's get started.

The Endless Meal’s November Profits:

  • Google Adsense $252.87
  • Blog Her – $128.34
  • Infolinks – $11.92
  • Buy Sell Ads – $37.50
  • Lijit – $53.44
  • Dreamhost – $0
  • Ziplist – $8.52
  • Other blog income – $79.25

Total blog income:  $571.84

Blog Traffic Overview:

How to be a food blogger

If you were here for last month's Cooking Up an Income Report, you might remember that in October The Endless Meal had 84,597 page views. So you might be wondering why there was a 52% increase in income when there was only a 40% increase in the number of pageviews. Well, the way Google Adsense works is that, as a publisher, how much you get paid depends on how much the advertisers are paying. In November, advertisers must have been paying a little more.

Knowing Your Readers

One thing I wanted to talk to you guys about this month is the importance of knowing your readers. Of course, I don't mean to know each and every person personally, but to understand some basic information about them so you can make informed decisions about your blog. You'll want to know where your readers come from, are they mostly male or female, what age are they, and even what kind of device they are accessing your blog from. You can find out all this information from your Google Analytics page.

Even though I am from Canada most of the people who read The Endless Meal are from America. Are you wondering why knowing this is important? Let me give you an example …

In Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the second weekend in October. Most of the time I spend looking for new Thanksgiving recipes happens during the first two weeks of October. But in America Thanksgiving is celebrated near the end of November. Since so many of the people who read The Endless Meal celebrate their Thanksgiving in November it is important to me to remember to schedule Thanksgiving-appropriate posts during this time.

You can see here that the same post (one from last year) received almost 220% more pageviews in November compared to October. Amazing, right?!

How to be a food blogger

Thank you so much for reading to the end of another Cooking Up an Income Report. If you have any questions at all please leave me a comment.

xx Kristen