How to be a food blogger

Here's what The Endless Meal earned in May:

  • Google analytics – 218.57
  • Infolinks – $26.33
  • Buy Sell Ads – $101.46
  • Ligit – $22.28
  • Other blog income  – $65

Total blog income: $433.64

Some Google Analytics stats:

  • 64,192 people came to visit The Endless Meal
  • The top 3 sources for referral traffic were: Pinterest, Foodgawker and RecipeNewz
  • The top 3 landing pages were: Mini BLT CupsBirthday Cake Popcorn and Peanut Butter Cookies
  • The majority of the visitors live in the east coast of the United States and Canada

Trying some new stuff:

You'll notice that there was a decent amount of income coming from Buy Sell Ads. I decided to start working with these guys last month, although only part way through the month so I didn't want to chat too much about them. I do think it takes time to really get an understanding about if a certain product is working for you but so far so good for Buy Sell Ads.

Buy Sell Ads allows you to connect to potential advertisers. You can choose if you want to sell your ads CPM (cost per impression) or if you want to sell your ads for a fixed length of time. Right now I have 4 ad spaces available for purchase and sell them on a per month basis.

I've been thinking about joining the BlogHer network for quite a while and have finally decided to give it a try. Stay tuned for the June Income Report where I'll tell you more about what is going on with that. 🙂

xx Kristen