How to be a food blogger

#1 lesson learned this month: if I go away traveling for 18 days and don't work on the blog, it will earn less money. Rocket science, I know. The original plan involved me updating and posting as usual, but sometimes technology doesn't work as it is supposed it, which means I couldn't work as I planned. If I wasn't traveling through two gorgeous tropical countries, I might have been more concerned about this than I was.

What has been interesting to me is how long it is taking for the ‘numbers' to rise. You know, the numbers that represent fabulous people who stop by to check out The Endless Meal.

The other interesting observation I had was how consistently the number of fabulous people who stop by The Endless Meal continued to do so in my absence. Feeling the love over here 🙂 Thank you!

Breakdown of income: 

Google Adsense – $98.00

Infolinks – $31.09

Affiliate programs – $0

One thing seems pretty obvious: the affiliate programs are not working. For the past three months, they have not made a dime, not even a single penny. I think it is time they go. Now, it is time to start searching for more effective ways to use the space on the right-hand side of the blog.

What behind the scenes at The Endless Meal looked like in June:

  • Awesome people stopped by The Endless Meal 27,926 times during June
  • 25.26% of those people had been here before
  • The website that sent the most peeps this way (officially called referral traffic) was Foodgawker, by a long shot. Tastespotting comes in second place with Pinterest and Food Porn Daily  following shortly behind
  • There were 1,206 people who found The Endless Meal by searching for “pizza dough recipe
  • 677 people searched for “guacamole recipe” and ended up here (or actually they ended up here!)
  • 3,358 people checked out The Endless Meal on their iPhone
  • While The Endless Meal took a little holiday (at least from uploading the posts to sites like Foodgawker), there were on average 600-700 people per day who continued to stop by for a visit
Lesson learned: blogging regularly adds up. The more posts you put out, the more people will continue to stumble upon your blog, even if you stop posting for a while.
  • Post regularly, two to three times a week at least
  • Submit your photos to all the places that are listed here
  • Continue to work on your photography (people like good photos, as do the main food photo sharing sites)
  • Start a Facebook page, It will bring traffic to your site. You can like mine here 🙂
I would love to hear your thoughts and comments if you are learning how to start a blog or trying to grow it. If there is something I haven't covered here but you are curious about, just ask!
If you're are just plain old hungry, check out these fried sweet potato fritters; they're one of my faves!