Cooking Up an Income - December Profits

Hey guys,

December was the most profitable month The Endless Meal has ever had! It is always really exciting to tally up the numbers and see a rise in income from the previous month. It's also interesting to have a look at Google Analytics and try to learn more about the income increase. More on that after I share some numbers …

The Endless Meal’s December Profits:

  • Google Adsense:   $287.35
  • Blog Her:   $131.82
  • Infolinks:   $15.37
  • Buy Sell Ads:   $62.68
  • Lijit:   $44.24
  • Dreamhost:   $0
  • Ziplist:   $89.64
  • Other blog income:   $65

Total blog income: $696.10

You might notice that there was a big jump in income from Ziplist. This jump was due to an increase in the number of impressions being shown, mostly on the recipes page. December is a time where people traditionally spend a lot of time in their kitchens and so it would make sense that they would spend more time looking for recipes too.

So back to Google Analytics … or, in this case, the lack of Google Analytics.

Back in November I was noticing a slow but steady increase in the number of visitors to The Endless Meal. As soon as December hit I noticed a big drop in traffic. My first thought was that people probably have Christmas on their minds and with all the decorating and shopping they just didn't have time to check out food blogs. I tried not to sweat it but, after a week of less than half the traffic I was getting used to getting, I started to worry. I started to think there was something wrong with the blog. I started to question if I was the only one who thought the Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken looked good. (Joking. Sort of.)

There was a point about mid-December where I knew something was wrong. I had a look at my BlogHer account and according to their analytics The Endless Meal had more than double the amount of traffic that Google Analytics was telling me. It took me another week to sort out that I needed to click a *little* button on my Google Analytics page that kept nagging me to update some information. A quick update and all was fixed, but not retroactively.

I'll never know for sure how many people came by The Endless Meal in December but, based on the 140,221 page views that BlogHer tracked divided by the average 1.41 number of pages viewed per visitor over the past year, we can see that there were roughly 99,447  visits in December.

Lesson Learned:

It is important to keep your accounts up to date. If Google Analytics asks you to update your account, don't procrastinate!

Tips and Tricks:

I often like to give small tips and tricks that I have found work well for me. This month I want to talk to you about list posts, or posts that are comprised of lists.

Benefits of list posts:

  1. People love them!
  2. They're a great way to bring life to your older posts.
  3. They work well as a resource-type page.
  4. If you team up with other bloggers you can use list posts to cross-promote each other's work.
  5. It can be fun to think of food in terms of categories and to find the best post you have to fit into each category.
  6. They can be a good way to switch up your daily blogging routine and to offer your readers a little something different.

Drawbacks to list posts:

  1. They're a lot of work! You might think they are easier but I find they take me more time to put together than a regular post
  2. If you're using other people's work, as I did in the not as popular 10 Easy Vegan Christmas Recipes, you have to be careful about copyright laws. I got written permission from all the people whose photos I used. Fellow blogger, Roni Loren, was actually sued for posting a photo that didn't belong to her. And it doesn't matter if you link back to the source, either.

If you haven't tried list posts on your blog I would definitely recommend giving them a go!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through to the end. If you have any questions thoughts I would love to hear them in the comments below.

Happy blogging!

xx Kristen