earn money with a food blog

The Endless Meal's August Profits:

  • Google adsense $121.90
  • Blog Her – $89.37
  • Infolinks – $13.07
  • Buy Sell Ads – $79.05
  • Lijit – $13.40
  • Dreamhost – $0
  • Other blog income – $84

Total blog income:  $400.79

Blog Traffic Overview

food blog income

Top Traffic Sources for August

food blog income

Drive Traffic To Your Blog with Photo Sharing Sites

As you can see, Foodgawker and Tastespotting drove a good amount of traffic to the blog. But … they can be difficult to get your photos accepted to. For some ideas about how you can improve your food photography, check out: 10 Photography Tips For New Food Bloggers. I would also encourage you to invest in Pinch Of Yum's Tasty Food Photography, a simple and straightforward e-book with lots of great information for new food photographers. Another great book if you have a little experience photographing food but want to take it to the next level is: Photographing Food. I have both books and found each very useful.

Even if you're having a hard time getting your photos accepted onto Foodgawker and Tastespotting, there are still many sites that you can submit images to that will help drive traffic to your blog.

Here are the top 5 “other” photo sharing sites based on how much traffic they drove to The Endless Meal in August:

  1. Foodepix
  2. Stalkerville (formerly chowstalker)
  3. Yum Goggle
  4. Tasteologie
  5. Healthy Aperture

For a complete list of all the sites that I submit my photos to, check out Increase Traffic To Your Food Blog.

Thank you so much sticking around to read this Cooking Up an Income Report. If you have any questions at all, or if there's anything you'd like me to cover in the next report, please ask me in the comments below!