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Hey there, blogging friends!

Last month I shared a few Facebook tips and I thought I would keep on the same train this month. I want to share with you how we use Facebook groups, why I think they're important, and a few flags to keep in mind.

Before I jump into our chat about Facebook groups, here are the numbers for this month's income report …


  • Adthrive – $5,875
  • Viglink – $83.70
  • Sponsored posts: $1150
  • Affiliate sales – $14.50

Total Income: $7,123.20


Total Expenses: $705.88

TOTAL PROFIT: $6,417.32

Note: The income reported here is in USD. Although I am Canadian the majority of the income I earn through TEM, and my expenses, are in American dollars.

Food Blog Income Report

RPM is a handy formula to calculate how much money your blog is earning. The acronym stands for Revenue Per Mille, or revenue per thousand pageviews.

Total Profit ÷ Total Pageviews x 1000 = RPM

Using this formula we can calculate The Endless Meal’s RPMs:

$6,417.32 ÷ 403,601  x 1000 = $15.90

Using Facebook Groups

We use Facebook groups regularly to promote our posts. I have a list of groups that I share to and my VA has a list that she shares to. We divide and conquer!

The positives

  • Posts that have been shared in several (10+) groups get a substantially higher reach.
  • Videos shared in groups get a big boost in initial views.
  • There is a small uptick in new page follows when we're actively sharing to groups.
  • Your friends and family will be shown the posts you share to groups. I see more friends and family share those posts than the ones from my page!

The negatives

  • Groups may not align with your ideal market. We often notice that our reach on posts shared to groups is high, but the engagement is low. I believe this is because not everyone in the groups are a good fit for our page.
  • Facebook ban. This happened to me! If you post to too many groups at once, you will get flagged as spam and blocked from posting again. The ban won't last forever, but it will last a few weeks. It also carries over into personal groups and event pages. I don't know the exact number of times you can post to a group safely, but I've been keeping it under 8 at a time and haven't been banned in a long time.

Good practices

  • When I post to groups, I use language that sounds very relaxed and have found that gives the best results. For example, instead of trying to sell my chicken recipe, I will simply say something like, “My fav chicken recipe!” I'd recommend writing your captions (in groups) like you are someone who came across a recipe that you really want to share, not a blogger trying to convince someone to click.
  • If you're posting to diet specific groups, I find I get better engagement if I mention the diet. For example, in a gluten-free group, I'll say something like, “just make sure to use gluten free soy sauce!”
  • Keep your group posts to under 8 per day so you don't get banned!
  • And always follow the rules of the group. Some groups seem pretty negative towards bloggers shares and I think it's probably because some bloggers haven't been following the rules of the group. Since they're so helpful for getting our content out there, let's keep the group admins happy!

Do you include groups as a part of your Facebook strategy? What have you found that's worked well for you?