BC Egg: raising happy chickens with healthy and delicious eggs.

How many eggs is it possible for a family of 2 + ½  (the half being a super cute 22 month old) to eat in a week? Sounds like the start of a bad joke. Ha!

The truth is, I ask myself each week how it's possible that we eat so many eggs. It's almost ridiculous. Thank goodness they make such a healthy meal!

We eat eggs for breakfast nearly every morning. On the two days when Ava is in daycare and we're rushing to get out of the house on time, breakfast looks like two eggs each (fried as I'm racing around packing bags and getting dressed). The other three weekday mornings she gets one, I get two, and I sautéed some peppers or zucchini to go along with the eggs. On the weekends, we like to sit down to a bigger breakfast. Eggs in Purgatory with Spaghetti Squash is one of our fave weekend brunch recipes.

One of the reasons we eat so many eggs is that I feel good about feeding them to my family. Not only are they healthy, but they also come from a good source. BC Egg farmers take excellent care of their chickens.

BC Eggs - happy chickens + healthy eggs = delicious.  | theendlessmeal.com | #bceggs #bcegg #eggs

Here in British Columbia, egg farms are family-owned and many farmers are second or third generation farmers. The farmers are also happy to produce any type of eggs consumers want. For instance, farmers will switch to producing more cage-free, organic or omega eggs if consumers want them. I like that!

Roughly 75% of eggs produced in BC are laid by hens that are housed in a conventional cage system. This is what BC Egg writes about these systems:

This hygienic housing system separates the hens and eggs from their waste. This allows for easy monitoring of the hens' health, and results in high food safety and vastly reduces the need for veterinary intervention. Conventional systems ensure that the hens are comfortable by providing nutritious feed, clean water, and fresh air. Hens are also protected from predators.

Besides how well the farmers treat their chickens, I love how passionate they are. In the video below, BC Egg farmer Rob Martens talks about his family farm and why he loves egg farming. He started off as a first generation egg farmer and began to grow free range eggs, then switched to organic eggs in 2012. He talks so strongly about how he cares so much about tracking all of his organic sources – including what he feeds the birds and how despite the challenge of raising organic eggs (arguably the hardest eggs to raise) how rewarding it’s been.  I find it to be very inspiring that he, along with many other BC Egg farmers take so much pride in their work!

Here's BC egg farmer Rob Marten talking about his family farm:

The eggs that I love to buy (the ones in the picture at the beginning of this post) are the best ones I've ever eaten. #truth!

They're free-range brown eggs with gorgeous bright orange yolks. These are the eggs that we use for frying, scrambling, and making into omelets. They taste the best.

Sometimes we do buy less expensive brands of eggs to use when making cakes and cookies and other baked goods. No matter which brand I reach for, I always make sure the eggs I buy come from BC as I know the standard of care here is high.

When you're shopping for eggs next, make sure to reach for a carton with this label on it!

Learn more about BC Egg for yourself and get cracking!

Some delicious recipes for your fresh BC eggs:

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