Prosciutto, Blue Cheese and Candied Pecan Panini

Prosciutto, Blue Cheese and Candied Pecan Panini
I know what you’re thinking, “what kind of fool thinks of putting candied nuts on a sandwich?” A fool much brighter than myself.

Chef Adrien at Notturno Paninoteca is the genius behind this flavour packed and easy to make sandwich. If you are in Gastown and have the chance, pop in to see him and owner Scott McTavish and try out one (or more!) of their amazing paninis. If you’re not lucky enough to live nearby, here’s my version of their Blu Fico Panino.

This sandwich is loaded with flavour. Sweet fig and balsamic jam, salty black olive aioli, pungent blue cheese and nutty candied pecans. I’ve added prosciutto, which isn’t on the original. But who doesn’t love prosciutto, right? All of this goodness is sandwiched inside a fresh baguette.

Prosciutto, Blue Cheese and Candied Pecan Panini
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Prosciutto, Blue Cheese and Candied Pecan Panini
Prep time
Total time
Full of flavour and easy to make. Go ahead, indulge, even if you only have minutes to make lunch.
The Endless Meal - Serves: 1
  • Fig and balsamic jam
  • Aioli or good quality mayonnaise mixed with finely chopped black olives
  • Blue cheese
  • Candied pecans
  • Prosciutto
  • Lettuce
  • Baquette
  1. I’ve left out the quantities because they’re really not important. Add more of what you like, less of what you don’t, or a whole pile of everything. I topped by baguette with lots of everything and it was delicious!

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    • Kristen says

      Thanks Sarah!

      Totally agree with you about blue cheese and pecans. I love them together on salads and cheese plates too. Can’t get enough of blue cheese!

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