Blackberry Lavender Soda

Blackberry Lavender Soda

I love the idea of making homemade anything a little out of the ordinary. I’ll be honest, soda isn’t something I drink much (or any) of. It’s always super sweet and the flavours always seems strange, and even rather gross, to me. But since anything homemade is always millions of times better than store bought, I accepted the offer to review the book The Artisan Soda Workshop by Andrea Lynn. I’m so happy I did! This blackberry Lavender Soda wasn’t sweet at all, which for me was perfect. You could always adjust the sweetness to your liking. I did find though that I needed to add quite a bit more of the syrup to the seltzer to get the taste I wanted. Can’t wait to drizzle the rest on vanilla ice cream or use it in a tasty cocktail.

Blackberry Lavender Soda

The Artisan Soda Workshop is a cute, little (read: perfect for stocking stuffers!) book on everything to do with making sodas. With over 70 different recipes you’ll definitely be able to find many you’d like to make. There are recipes for copycat sodas, berry based sodas, sodas made with herbs and spices as well as recipes for aqua fresca and shrubs (a delicious fruity/vinegary beverage.) There’s also a small section of cocktail recipes (yes!) All of the recipes involve you making a syrup and then adding the syrup to carbonated water. If you don’t have a SodaStream you can always use store-bought seltzer instead. Or if you want to order one online you can do that here and then I’ll get a small commission which would be really darn awesome :)

Some of the recipes I can’t wait to make are:

  • Mango Chile Syrup
  • Lemon Thyme Syrup
  • Sea Salt Lime Syrup
  • Riesling Raspberry Syrup
  • Strawberry Balsamic Shrub
  • Rhubarb Basil Syrup
  • Cinnamon Syrup

The Artisan Soda Workshop‘s publishing company, Beth Cook Publicity, generously offered a copy of this cookbook to one lucky reader of The Endless Meal. Leave a comment on this blog post and you will be entered to win. The draw will take place on December 7th and the winner will be chosen using a random number generator. Good Luck!

Congratulations on winning The Artisan Soda Workshop, Vita!

*Vita has a great website called The Juicer Depot. Check it out for all of your juicing needs :)

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Blackberry Lavender Soda
The lavender adds a light botanical flavor to the richness of blackberries. Not only is this a twist on a regular berry soda, but the syrup can also be drizzled on desserts like pound cake or angel food cake.
  • 2 cups blackberries
  • ¾ cup water
  • ¼ cup raw cane sugar
  • 1 teaspoon dried lavender flowers
  1. In a medium pot, combine the blackberries, water, sugar, and lavender. Bring to a boil over high heat, and stir to dissolve the sugar.
  2. Reduce the heat to medium or medium-low, and simmer until the berries are completely softened, about 10 minutes. After about 5 minutes, smash the blackberries with a masher.
  3. When finished cooking, remove from the heat and let cool. Use a fine-mesh sieve to strain the berries and lavender from the syrup, making sure to press the berries against the strainer to extract as much liquid as possible. Discard the blueberries and lavender.
  4. Refrigerate the syrup in a covered container for up to 5 days.
This mild tasting soda has just a hint of lavender in the background; it is very subtle. The syrup is not very sweet so if you like sweeter soda I could suggest adding more sugar. Use any leftovers to drizzle on ice cream, make a cocktail or add to a sauce for pork tenderloin or duck. Or just eat it straight from the spoon :)



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  1. Laura says

    My husband recently rigged up a DIY soda stream which is awesome so I have been wanting to find some great recipes to try with it. This sounds great!

  2. Sunshine says

    This sounds so amazingly refreshing! I am going to have to seriously try this for Thanksgiving instead of our normal sparkling cider (which fills me up more than the turkey HAHA). I bet it is a super nerve calming drink too

  3. says

    Well, I would love a copy of that cookbook! I started making my own sodas after taking a workshop at Rooted Nutrition. I started with kombucha and ginger beers. Wild ferments take a week or two and after the fruit fly pandemic in my house it seemed simpler to make my own tea ‘sodas’. I’ve experimented with green tea/mint, ginger/roiboos, sage/honey/mint/lemon, rosemary/lime. I like that we can make ‘sodas’ with herbs and teas and benefit from the medicinal qualities of the teas and plants and roots (ie. did you know Ginger tea with brown sugar is a traditional chinese remedy for menstrual cramps?). I got a chart from my kitchen herbalism class listing certain herb benefits-it was a printout from Rebecca Woods book: the new encyclopedia of whole foods(another one I’d love to get!). I tried some SIP! sodas- and my favorite is the lavender but I wanted to figure out how to make it at home. Thank you for your recipe. I’ve been really drawn to the floral sodas- hibiscus, lavender, calendula. I look forward to trying this out! Thanks for posting!

  4. says

    I thought I was the only one that didn’t like to drink soda. Store bought soda is too sweet for me. I would rather make it myself so I can control how sweetness is in it. I bought the Soda Stream so I am always looking for creative recipes to try.

  5. Evan says

    just the other day, after trying the Q Cola from whole foods (all natural, sweetened with agave) i was saying i really need to try using the sodastream machine i got for christmas last year – and then i come across this wonderful article! i need this book :-)


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